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Road Traffic Ordinance

Twentieth Ordinance amending road traffic regulations

The regulation on transporting children under the age of seven on mopeds, which was previously enshrined in § 10(4) of the Driving Licence Ordinance, will be moved to § 21 of the Road Traffic Ordinance [Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung – StVO] (with simultaneous repeal of the provision in the Driving Licence Ordinance [Fahrerlaubnis-Verordnung – FeV]).

In addition, the ban on disabling emergency braking assistance systems for vehicles over 3.5 t is standardised from a speed of over 30 km/h, particularly in order to reduce the number and severity of rear-end collisions with heavy commercial vehicles for trucks and buses (vehicles of the classes N2, N3, M2 and M3).