RO Rumänien
  • B10 - Bauprodukte

This technical regulation establishes the execution methodology for cold recycling using bituminous binders. According to the international terminology, these technologies fall into the ‘cold-mix’ category.

The regulation does not apply to technologies for the cold recycling of layers employing hydraulic binders.

Joint Order of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration approving the regulation on the cold recycling of road layers: reference AND 532 – 2019.

This technical regulation establishes the performance levels and requirements for construction products used in the preparation of the recycled mixture to be used and regulates the execution methodology for recycled layers, quality control of the executed works and the approval of cold-recycled layers.

Key words: in situ cold recycling, cold-recycled layer, recycled mixture, recycling plant and equipment, recycling kit, foamed bitumen, bituminous emulsion, aggregate inputs, compaction workshop.