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The draft Regulation amending Regulation No 18 of 23 July 2001 on road signalling using road signs introduces new road signs related to the need to ensure a high level of road safety, the putting into operation of new roads and road sections, the implementation of a toll system and the intelligent transport systems.

Draft Regulation amending and supplementing Regulation No 18 of 2001 on road signalling using road signs

The draft amends and supplements the main text of the existing Regulation No 18 of 2001 as follows:

- new road signs, some of which are intended to be displayed on the information boards of the intelligent transport systems related to the traffic control, in accordance with the requirements of Regulation No RD-02-20-2 of 28 August 2018 on road design, are introduced;

- the requirements for the introduction of a limitation on the maximum permissible speed of motor vehicles, in accordance with Article 21(1) of the Road Traffic Act, are made more precise;

- the requirements in the zone of validity of a road sign relating to road vehicles or compositions of vehicles whose weight exceeds the indicated weight are updated;

- new road signs, intended to signal the national roads included in the road network which is part of the toll collection system, the use of which requires that a vignette fee or a toll be paid in accordance with Article 10(1)(1) and (2) of the Roads Act, or a toll be paid in accordance with Article 10(1)(2) of the Roads Act, pursuant to the toll system implemented in Bulgaria, are introduced;

- new road signs signalling charging stations for charging electric vehicles and charging stations for charging cars with hydrogen fuel are introduced;