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Keeping of bovine animals.

Order No WJZ/19108100 of the Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of [date] amending the Order on the identification and registration of animals in connection with the introduction of electronic identification of bovine animals.

This notification is for an amendment to the Order on the identification and registration of animals (the ‘I&R Order’). The reason for the amendment is the transposition of Regulation (EU) 653/2014. The notification first and foremost amends Article 12b(2 and 3) of the I&R Order. Articles 12b(2(b) and 3(c)) (new) set specific colour requirements for conventional and electronic ear tags. The colour of the ear tags depends on the combination of means of identification used by the keeper. This way, the colour of the ear tags indicates whether the keeper used two conventional ear tags or a combination of a conventional ear tag and an electronic ear tag, a bolus or a transponder.

In addition, the notification also pertains to the newly introduced Article 27a. This Articles sets the requirements that the readers used to read the electronic means of identification must meet the same ISO standards as those for identification of sheep and goats, adopted in Decision 2006/968/EC.