AT Österreich
  • B30 - Umwelt

1. Disposable packaging:

Restrictions on the use of disposable containers, crockery and cutlery at certain events in the territory.

2. Provision of waste collection services:

The duplication prohibition restricts the provision of waste collection services to private providers by limiting the way in which certain existing substances are collected.

Act amending the act on the prevention and treatment of waste and the collection of a levy required for this purpose in the territory of the province of Vienna (Vienna Waste Management Act - Wr. AWG)

1. Requirement to use reusable containers, crockery and cutlery at certain events in the territory of the province of Vienna (§ 10d):

“§ 10d(1) At certain events where food or drinks are dispensed and (1) potentially attended by more than 1,000 people or (2) on properties that are owned by the federal capital Vienna, organisers must dispense drinks in reusable packaging (e.g. from barrels, reusable bottles), provided that these types of beverages in reusable containers are available in Vienna and are also dispensed in reusable containers (e.g. reusable cups, glasses). When dispensing food, reusable crockery and reusable cutlery (e.g. glass, ceramics, metal or plastic) must be used. Appropriate measures must be taken to take back the reusable products used.

(2) If the dispensing of drinks or food according to para. 1 is not permitted for security reasons, packaging, containers, dishes and cutlery made of renewable raw materials (e.g. cardboard or wood) shall be used. The event authority may, upon application, deviate from the obligation to provide reusable containers, subject to conditions, at events potentially attended by more than 100,000 persons, if measures are taken to reduce any environmental impact. An exception to the dispensing of returnable containers can only be granted to a minor extent."

2. Restrictions on the type of collection of specific waste materials collected by municipal facilities (duplication prohibition) in § 24(1b) and (1c):

“(1b) Where public waste is collected via the installation or provision of collection bins or other collection facilities outside waste collection centres open to the public, it shall not be permitted to carry out similar collections for the waste referred to in a Regulation under (1c) (duplication prohibition). This does not apply to collection through collection and recycling systems approved for this purpose and to properties which are excluded from public waste collection in accordance with § 18(2) with regard to waste generated on these properties.

(1c) The provincial government may decree which waste is subject to the duplication prohibition pursuant to para. 1b. Particular attention must be paid to § 1 of this Act and to functional, efficient public collection of waste, the planning reliability of municipal waste management and the cityscape."