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  • S40E - Organische Düngemittel, Klärschlämme

Animal fertilisers, compost, recovered phosphates, mineral concentrate and other organic fertilisers.

Amendment to the Order implementing the Fertilisers Act to update Annex D (excretion coefficients)

The excretion coefficients in Annex D (and some coefficients in Annex I) to the Order implementing the Fertilisers Act [Uitvoeringsregeling Meststoffenwet – Urm] are now updated. The excretion coefficients indicate the amount of fertiliser an animal produces. The coefficients are average values. Among other things, they are used to help verify whether livestock farmers have removed enough animal fertilisers from the farm to stay within the application standards for the farmland used by the farm and whether farms have enough fertiliser storage capacity and phosphate rights. Updates are required from time to time because various factors are subject to change, such as feed composition and the care of the animals. In addition, this draft Order provides for a two-year extension of the temporary exemption for mineral concentrates in the Urm (end date of 31 December 2021 instead of 31 December 2019).