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Technical requirements for ship stability

Ship stability

The current regulation on ship stability is clarified.

The new regulation clarifies how the stability requirements for an intact ship are applied to cargo and passenger ships under 24 metres in length in international trade. Furthermore, the requirements for the leak stability of cargo ships in international trade are clarified.

The stability requirements of passenger ships in domestic trade that fall within the scope of the Non-SOLAS Directive are also clarified.

The stability requirements for passenger ships of classes C and D falling within the scope of the Non-Solas Directive that were constructed before 1 July 1998 and that undergo significant repairs, modifications or alterations, are clarified so that they are more clearly in harmony with the Non-SOLAS Directive.

The regulation clarifies which materials related to the stability of a ship shall be submitted for approval or information purposes to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.

In addition, traditional ships are excluded from the scope of the regulation and other small clarifications are made.

Keywords: ship, stability