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Use of plant protection products

Order on measures for the protection of persons when plant protection products are used near residential areas and amending the order of 4 May 2017 on the placement on the market and use of the plant protection products and associated additives mentioned in Article L253-1 of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code

The notified draft Order defines minimum safety distances in relation to residential areas that apply in the absence of specific indications in the marketing authorisations of plant protection products. However, these safety distances do not apply when the applied products are biocontrol products, low-risk products or basic substances.

The distances are 10 metres for high crops and 5 metres for low crops. They may be adjusted, according to the procedures specified in the order, when measures providing equivalent guarantees are implemented in accordance with the commitment charters approved by the department prefect. These measures shall be based on the use of more efficient spray equipment whose effectiveness in reducing drift and exposure to local residents and those present is officially recognised.

However, a non-reducible minimum distance of 10 metres must be respected when the products used contain the most dangerous substances still on the market, in particular category 1 carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances considered to be endocrine disruptors and substances presenting a proven risk of serious organ damage.

Finally, the draft order reinforces certain measures to protect aquatic environments.