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Use of plant protection products

Decree on measures for the protection of persons when plant protection products are used near residential areas

Law No 2018-938 of 30 October 2018 to balance trade relationships in the agricultural and food sector and provide food which is healthy, sustainable and accessible to all requires that the use of plant protection products near residential areas be subject to protective measures for residents. These must be formalised by the users in a charter of commitments established at departmental level. These provisions have been codified in Article L253-8(III) of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code.

The notified draft decree specifies the conditions for application of the legislative provisions. It defines the procedures for drawing up and approving charters, the drafts of which must be the subject of consultation with the persons concerned or their representatives. The decree provides for a raft of basic minimum measures for the content of the charters, particularly in terms of informing residents in advance before carrying out plant protection treatments.

This decree is supplemented by a draft order amending the Order of 4 May 2017 on the placement on the market and use of plant protection products and associated additives, which is also the subject of a notification under Directive 2015/1535.