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  • X20M - Waffen und Munition

Complete ammunition and pyrotechnics.

Draft Act on ammunition

The Act on ammunition governs the carrying out of activities in the field of ammunition, which include the handling of ammunition and pyrotechnic surveys. Furthermore, it defines the scope of authority of the Police of the Czech Republic and other public authorities in the field of ammunition.

The objective of this draft is to adopt an act on ammunition that will ensure that

the high standards for obtaining licences for handling ammunition are maintained together with the high level of prevention of the misuse of ammunition and prevention of serious emergencies/accidents connected with ammunition, while maintaining the predictability, transparency and possibility for review of the decisions when the legislation is applied in this field.

Another objective is to modernise and simplify both the legal (legislative) and technical aspects of the legislation. In addition, as much ineffective bureaucracy as possible, together with duplicate provisions contained in other legislation, should be eliminated.

Keywords: ammunition, pyrotechnics.