CZ Tschechische Republik
  • X20M - Waffen und Munition

Complete firearms and handling of their components and ammunition.

Draft Arms Act

The draft new Arms Act is being submitted as a key part of the overall reform of legislation on the handling of weapons in the civilian sphere.

The main objective of this draft is to maintain the high standards for obtaining a licence for

handling weapons and ammunition and the high level of prevention of the misuse of weapons and ammunition,

while maintaining the predictability, transparency and possibility of review of the decisions when the legislation is applied in this field.

Another objective is to modernise the legislation both in its legal (legislative) as well as technical and communication aspects.

Furthermore, it should eliminate as much ineffective bureaucracy as possible, together with duplicate provisions contained in other legislation.In addition, the appropriate transposition of the relevant legislative acts of the European Union in a technically meaningful manner should be ensured.

Keywords: weapons, firearms, ammunition