AT Österreich
  • C20A - Landwirtschaft, Jagd

Transfer or provision of (breeding) animals, supply and use of semen, ova and embryos; activity of breed societies, breeding operations, semen storage centres, semen collection centres, insemination technicians

Provincial Act on animal breeding in Upper Austria

(Upper Austrian Animal Breeding Act 2019)

The Upper Austrian Animal Breeding Act 2019 regulates among other things:

– activity and recognition of breed societies and breeding operations

– approval of breeding programmes in accordance with Article 8 and Article 12 of Regulation (EU) 2016/1012

– performance testing and genetic evaluation

– transfer or provision of (breeding) animals

– placement on the market, supply and use of semen, ova and embryos

– activity of insemination technicians and people inseminating their own animal populations