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Regional CERTs

Guidelines for developing and designing the national reference model for regional CERTs

The guidelines identify an organisational and operational model for building and launching regional CERTs within Italian public administration, which can lay down a national standard on which to base the local implementation of regional CERTs, bearing in mind and addressing as best possible the needs of individual sectors and industry as well as the specific obligations of individual administrations.

The document illustrates the main aspects to be considered when launching and operating a CERT, which can be used as a reference when building regional CERTs. These aspects concern: the reference functional model; the administrative and organisational structure; the catalogue of services to be supplied; a process map and responsibility assignment matrix; the necessary resources in terms of staff, information (data model), technological and application models and facilities; the physical and logical security requirements to be implemented; methods for analysing and assessing the results achieved; funding opportunities for initiatives in our country; and the implementation plan.