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The draft relates to the keeping of poultry birds.

Royal Decree on the control of zoonotic salmonella in poultry.

The draft contains the practical provisions for the implementation of the national salmonella control programme in poultry in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 2160/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 November 2003 on the control of salmonella and other specified food-borne zoonotic agents. The draft lays down, for Gallus gallus, the compulsory vaccination of laying hens and breeding poultry birds, the monitoring procedure, and the measures to be taken if a brood is positive for a controlled salmonella serotype, and for turkeys - the monitoring procedure and the measures to be taken. There are provisions determining the division of costs between the Animals and Animal Products Health and Quality Budgetary Fund (cost of vaccines, compensation for loss of value in case of premature slaughter, destruction of breeding eggs and channelling of unincubated breeding eggs for heat treatment, part of the costs if a special decontamination procedure is followed) and the Federal Food Chain Safety Agency (official sampling and analysis, all analysis of breeding poultry birds and laying hens, except for analysis of day-old chicks). A specific monitoring procedure and measures are also imposed for the keeping of hens or turkeys for the direct sale of fresh meat, and for the keeping of laying hens for sale to private individuals. The draft also imposes a monitoring procedure for other poultry species.