SE Schweden


Ordinance amending the Fuel Ordinance (2011:346)

Those engaged in the commercial activity of providing a liquid or gaseous fuel, or who in that commercial activity also provide electricity as a fuel, must provide the consumer with environmental information about the fuel that is being provided (§ 11a, paragraph 1). Environmental information about the fuel refers to information about a fuel’s emission of greenhouse gases over its life cycle, which fossil raw materials or renewable raw materials are contained in the fuel, and the country of origin of these raw materials. This information must be based on the information reported by the fuel supplier in accordance with specifically indicated national legislation (§ 11 a, paragraph 2, point 1). The information must be presented in its entirety on the respective fuel supplier’s website (§ 11a, paragraph 2, point 2). Certain information is to be made available to consumers in a declaration that is affixed to the devices that the company intends for consumer use when refuelling. The information may, depending on what is stated in the regulations laid down by the Swedish Energy Agency, be stated directly in the declaration or through a reference to the fuel supplier’s website (§ 11a, paragraph 2, point 3). The declaration must also state that the information concerns historical data about the fuel that is being sold and is not specific data about the fuel that is actually being provided at time of purchase (§ 11a, paragraph 3).