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registration plates

Draft Royal Decree laying down the requirements for the placing on the market and commissioning of registration plates for motor vehicles and trailers and amending the General Vehicle Regulations (RGV) adopted by Royal Decree 2822/1998 of 23 December.

The draft contains a preamble, 10 articles split between 5 chapters, one additional provision, one transitional provision, one repealing provision, four final provisions and 3 annexes.

The preamble explains the need for the draft, the competence of this ministry for the draft, and compliance with the mandatory procedures, such as the hearing procedures. Article 1 sets out the purpose and scope of the standard, while Article 2 covers definitions.

Article 3 sets out the requirements applicable to plates to be placed on the market in the territory of Spain.

Chapter II, which contains Articles 4 and 5, sets out the obligations applicable to economic operators.

Chapter III sets out the conformity assessment procedures applicable to the product.

Finally, Chapters IV and V contain aspects relating to market surveillance and the penalty system.

The sole additional provision relates to registrations for vehicles belonging to the Armed Forces in military operation zones.

The first transitional provision regulates the validity of the approvals issued pursuant to Order IET71624/2012 of 16 July and the Order of 20 September 1985 on the installation and approval of registration plates for motor vehicles and trailers.

The second transitional provision regulates the inspection bodies during the adaptation period to the Order.

The sole repealing provision repeals Order IET/1624/2012 of 16 July and all provisions of equal or lower status that run contrary to the provisions of this royal decree.

The first final provision amends Article 49 of the General Vehicle Regulations (RGV) adopted by Royal Decree 2822/1998 of 23 December.

The second final provision concerns legislative authority.

The third final provision authorises the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism to amend the annexes to this royal decree and the fourth final provision sets out the date of entry into force.

Annex I contains the data to be included in the declaration of conformity, Annex II relates to the technical requirements applicable to registration plates and Annex III regulates the conformity assessment procedures.