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Cereals and cereal products

Draft Order of the Minister for Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania on the adoption of the Technical Regulation for cereals intended for food and the Technical Regulation for cereal products intended for food (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Draft’).

The Draft defines the scope of application and establishes that the Draft shall apply to the cereals intended for food, grown in Lithuania and supplied to the Lithuanian market as well as to the cereal products (flour, groats, flakes, etc.) supplied to the Lithuanian retail market.

The Draft defines the concepts of cereals (leguminous crops, ,cereal grasses, etc.) and the concepts of cereal products (wheat, rye, spelt flour, groats, flakes, wholegrain products, etc.). The Draft defines specific quality indicators for cereal and cereal products (moisture content, reusable waste, grain impurities, etc.). Wheat flour is also divided into types according to the ash content and wet gluten content as specified in the Draft. The ash content is expressed as figures while the wet gluten content is expressed as letters. Cereal products are subject to additional labelling requirements in addition to the mandatory statutory requirements (for wheat flour, rye flour).