GR Griechenland

Specification on Integrated Crop Management

Management of the Rural Environment - Integrated Crop Management for Agricultural Production

Part 1: Specification

Draft revision of Technical Specification AGRO 2-1: 'Management of the Rural Environment - Integrated Crop Management for Agricultural Production. Part 1: Specification'.

Integrated Crop Management is an environmentally friendly method of agricultural production, which is an alternative to conventional methods and which rests on the rational use of all cultivation inputs, reduction in the use of chemical preparations and prudent use of cultivation interventions. Producer members on agricultural holdings are obliged to follow specific production rules based on guidelines from the supervising agricultural advisor and to keep records of the practices employed to ensure the quality and safety of the produced products, to safeguard the health of producers and consumers and to protect the environment.

The standard lays down requirements for the design and implementation of a management system for agriculture, setting out conditions on how to respect and protect the environment and how to ensure the quality of agricultural products.

Standard AGRO 2-1 always applies in conjunction with standard AGRO 2-2 and is optional.

Standards AGRO 2-1 and AGRO 2-2 apply to the agricultural holdings with one or more producer members.

Standards AGRO 2-1 and AGRO 2-2 are applicable to each agricultural holding irrespective of size, type of crop produced, registered offices or national origin of the producer members.