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In previous years Denmark has notified regulations (amendments to the Environmental Protection Act) relating to stricter requirements in the four Danish environmental zones.

The rules are being made stricter for lorries and buses, and environmental zone requirements are introduced for commercial vehicles.

The current Order lays down the detailed requirements for retrofitting particulate filters and their approval and registration.

Order on requirements for lorries, buses and commercial vehicles in environmental zones laid down by municipalities etc.

Those vehicles which do not comply with the regulations for Euro standards/first registration date can enter the environmental zones by fitting a particulate filter. The Order lays down the detailed regulations on the requirements for particulate filters.

The requirement for retrofitting an effective particulate filter is considered to be fulfilled if the particulate filter fulfils the requirements below and is of an approved type, cf. examples in Annex 2 to the Order.

The particulate filter must at least fulfil the following:

a) the particulate filter exerts a maximum back pressure of 20 kPa at the maximum power of the engine,

b) the particulate filter reduces at least 80 % of the particulate emissions, measured in accordance with recognised EU methods,

c) the exhaust gas density after the filter, measured at free acceleration, does not exceed a k-value of 0.2 m-1,

d) the particulate filter is equipped with a back pressure alarm which gives the driver a warning when back pressure has increased,

e) the noise level must not be increased and

f) the other regulated emissions must not be increased.