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  • N20E - Elektrizität

To facilities within the Netherlands consisting of one or several production units for the production of electricity using coal.

Draft Act on the prohibition on the use coal for electricity production [Wet verbod op kolen bij elektriciteitsproductie]

Article 2 of the draft Act prohibits the use of coal for electricity generation with immediate effect. Owners of coal-fired power plants are granted a transitional period (until the end of 2024 for the older generation of plants, and until the end of 2029 for the new generation of plants (Article)) giving them the opportunity to convert the power plants for continued operation using other fuels, since these are all solid-substance plants. The transitional period therefore also amounts to an in-kind compensation for losses incurred.

One of the older generation plants, which does not co-fire biomass and does not produce heat, is subject to an exception to ensure compliance with a legal Directive on CO2. This plant will be granted (almost) no transitional period since the prohibition will already take effect for this plant on 1 January 2020 (Article 3a). This plant will therefore be offered financial compensation for losses.