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This Order lays down requirements for treatment facilities aboard pleasure craft. These facilities are not mandatory. If the requirements are met, toilet water may be discharged after treatment. Otherwise it may not, as is currently the case. Article 2.8 contains technical requirements for treatment facilities. Articles 2.29 et seq. govern type assessments, approval and certificates. These provisions are based on the system of Chapter 18 of the European Standard for inland navigation.

Order No IENW/BSK- of the Minister for Infrastructure and Public Works of [date]

implementing the Offsite discharge order in connection with requirements for toilet water discharge by pleasure craft

This Order amends the Offsite discharge order [Regeling lozen buiten inrichtingen, Rlbi]. This supplements the Rlbi with rules for requirements for treatment facilities for toilet water aboard pleasure craft. By virtue of Article 3.9(1) of the Offsite discharge decree [Besluit lozen buiten inrichtingen, Blbi], it is prohibited to discharge untreated toilet water from pleasure craft. By virtue of the second paragraph of said Article, this prohibition shall not apply if the toilet water is passed through a treatment facility aboard the pleasure craft prior to discharge and if this facility meets requirements to be laid down by ministerial order. This Order provides for these requirements.

Article 2.35 gives a mutual recognition clause.