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Draft decree amending the Environmental management activities decree and the Decree on air pollution from fuels in connection with the introduction of E10 petrol and the disclosure obligation on fuel suppliers

The draft Decree requires fuelling stations with two or more refuelling points for petrol to offer E10 petrol on at least half of the fuel nozzles present. Fuelling stations that are only able to offer one type of petrol shall be free to choose the petrol type offered.

Article 1.1 of the Decree on air pollution from fuels [Besluit brandstoffen luchtverontreiniging] may contain a technical regulation, in which E10 is defined as petrol with at least 8.5% biofuel by volume, of which at least 7.5% by volume consists of ethanol or its equivalent in ETBE (ethyltert-butylether) or TAEE (tert-amylethylether).

There is no mutual recognition aspect. Fuel suppliers may place all petrol types onto the market as long as they meet the applicable environmental requirements, such as on ethanol content (max. 10%), as per Annex I of Directive 98/70/EC. The draft Decree does not affect the application of Directive 98/70/EC.