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- the different types of construction of tanks intended to contain heating oil;

- the technical qualities of accessory equipment for these tanks
(permanent leak detector, overflow protection and cathodic protection);

- the installation and connection of tanks.

Draft Decree of the Walloon Government Decree of 28 February 2019 on the management of heating fuel oil depots with a capacity of between 500 and 24 999 litres

The draft’s preventive approach draws on the complete conditions, as subsequently revised, adapted or improved, laid down in the Walloon Government Decree of 17 July 2003 on combustible liquid depots with fixed tanks of 3 000 litres to 24 999 litres.

The draft is divided into different chapters, including:

- the technical guide: which will list all of the technical characteristics applicable to new and existing tanks and the various equipment associated with them - references to standards - and the various technical procedures (how to check an installation, how to line a tank, equivalence procedure, etc.);

- The provisions common to all tanks (standards to comply with and requirements to meet concerning tanks and accessory equipment (pipework, anti-overflow system, leak detection system, gauges, etc.);

- the commissioning and periodic inspections;

- decommissioning (temporary and definitive);

- the transitional provisions for the progressive compliance upgrading of existing tanks.