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  • T40T - Stadtverkehr und Straßentransport

Construction of operating systems and vehicles for trams and operation of trams, including trams operating in designated lanes

Ordinance amending the Tram Construction and Operation Ordinance

For the tram sector, the Tram Construction and Operation Ordinance regulates:

- requirements for the construction of and equipment for operating systems and vehicles as well as their mode of operation,

- the safety and regulation of operations,

- requirements for the ability, aptitude and conduct of operational staff.

The existing provisions will be adapted in individual respects in
line with developments in the law and technology while retaining the
existing structure. These include, in particular:

- provisions on the recording of data which are necessary for safe operation,

- a general requirement for escape routes in tunnels

- a general requirement for the lateral visibility of vehicles on roads,

- a clarification on the vehicle-platform interface,

- a clarification on the function of the derailment detector in the case of driverless vehicles.