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Fresh meat from local supply chain cattle

Draft Production Specifications for local supply chain cattle

The draft Production Specification for local supply chain cattle applies to male and female cattle, born, bred and slaughtered within the same region, for the production of meat, giving indications on the choice of the breed, the breeding system, feeding, drug treatments and carcass classification. It also includes certain requirements and specifications regarding production phases and activities carried out by other operators in the supply chain (feed supply, slaughtering, meat processing and labelling to the point of sale). Finally, it provides indications on the ‘Control System’.

Furthermore, in compliance with the procedures for drafting the specifications of the Guidelines, the following areas of intervention and the specific principles observed in the draft Specification are indicated, from which the requirements that will give the product a quality significantly higher than commercial standards in terms of animal health and welfare, protection of agro-biodiversity and genetic resources, environmental protection, and health of production are deduced and that the products in question bearing the quality mark will have specific characteristics different from those of a comparable product without a mark.