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Automatic ticketing systems suitable for the sale and other forms of placement, including via electronic communication networks, of entrance tickets to shows and entertainment events.

Implementing measures relating to the sale or any other form of placement of entrance tickets pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs 545-bis et seq. of Law No 232 of 11 December, introduced by Article 1, paragraph 1100 of Law No 145 of 30 December 2018, and the Decree of the Minister for the Economy and Finance of 12 March 2018, as well as amendments to the regulations relating to automatic ticketing systems.

The draft technical regulations consisting of the draft measure of the Director of the Revenue Agency, defines the technical regulations for the creation of online automatic ticketing systems capable of:

- distinguishing between access by a natural person and access obtained by an automatic program,

- preventing automatic programs from purchasing tickets for shows,

- identifying the purchasing user.

The draft measure also establishes the necessary technical regulations for the resale and name change of the entrance tickets for shows covered by the primary regulations.

It also provides for the registration of data tracking of the operations in order to make this data available to the competent authorities for monitoring and control purposes, as well as specific rules to ensure adequate advertising for resale and visibility for users along with clear and full information for users on the methods, time and costs of changing the name and reselling the entrance tickets.

Finally, the draft measure makes some amendments to the measures already issued on automatic ticketing in order to make these measures consistent with the provisions in force established by Law No 232/2016. In particular, the logs of operations carried out using automatic ticketing are amended in part in order to enable the competent authorities to check the application of the provisions of the draft measure.

Some of the provisions arise from the analysis of the results of the supervisory activities carried out by the Italian Authors' and Publisher's Society (SIAE) and by the other competent authorities, as well as from the technological developments of the systems.


- specifications and amendements relating to the delivery times of the monthly summaries required for tax purposes are provided for;

- the printing of digital entrance tickets on paper has been made more transparent for consumers by specifying data on the tax seal,

- the option of displaying multiple digital entrance tickets on a single medium is allowed,

- the option of relocating the non-tax components of the system within the European Union is allowed, in compliance with specific provisions,

- simplifications relating to the suitability of equipment identical to other equipment already deemed to be suitable are provided for,

- digital storage of cancelled tickets as an alternative to paper storage is allowed.