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  • B20 - Sicherheit

The regulations contain general requirements concerning the handling of flammable gas in equipment, specific requirements for handling flammable gas in loose containers, fuel tanks, gasometers, pipework and hose lines as well as specific requirements when handling acetylene.

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency regulations and general advice on the handling of flammable gas and aerosol dispensers with flammable contents

The regulations are for those handling flammable gas in Sweden. They are issued by virtue of the Act (2011:1011) on flammable and explosive goods (the ‘Act’). The regulations contain clarifications as to what the duty of care requirement in § 6 of the Act means when handling flammable gases. The duty of care requirement means, inter alia, that those handling flammable goods must take the measures and precautionary measures necessary to deter, prevent and limit accidents and injuries to life, health, the environment or property which may occur due to fires or explosions caused by goods. The regulations also contain clarifications of the requirement in § 10 of the Act, which states, inter alia, that buildings and other structures where flammable goods are handled, as well as equipment for handling flammable goods, must be set up in a satisfactory manner, taking into account fire and explosion risks as well as the impacts of a fire or explosion.