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Seismic design code - Part I – Provisions for the design of buildings, code P100-1/2013

Order of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Regional Development and Public Administration approving the technical regulation ‘Seismic design code - Part I – Design provisions for buildings’, code P100-1/2013

The code applies to the seismic design of buildings and similar structures (example: stands, jetties and so on) located in Romania.

The provisions of code P 100-1/2013 are harmonised with the provisions of standard SR EN 1998-1.

The provisions of the code have the following aims, in the event of earthquake activity:

- to protect the lives and physical integrity of persons,

- to ensure that activities and services which are essential for social and economic life continue uninterrupted,

- to prevent explosions or releases of hazardous substances;

- to limit damage to property.

The design of structures with special functions (such as nuclear power stations, maritime platforms, bridges, dams, levees, chimneys, cooling towers, etc.) is not covered by code P 100-1.

The provisions of the code are aimed at investors, designers, contractors, specialists working in the field of construction who are certified/authorised in accordance with the law, as well as checking and monitoring bodies (checking and/or expert assessment of designs, checking, monitoring and/or expert assessment of works).

Key words: design, seismic activity, structural calculation, seismic forces, structure