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  • B30 - Umwelt

Storage of gas oil, lubrication oil or waste oil in an above-ground storage tank, growth or cultivation of crops in a greenhouse or outdoors, air washing systems, washing of motor vehicles and tools for agricultural activities, internal cleaning of livestock vehicles, calculation and measurement requirements for determining the noise level in the vicinity of wind turbines and wind farms, mixing of waste, hazardous substances, measurement techniques

Order of the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management amending the Environmental Management (Activities) Order and the Environmental Law Order with respect to amendments to certain technical regulations and updates to certain Annexes

Article I may contain technical regulations.

The Environmental Management (Activities) Order contains general standards with which establishments must comply. The Annex to the Environmental Law Order contains a list of documents regarded as Best Available Techniques (BAT) documents. These are to be taken into account when granting permits. The amending Order adjusts the regulations in the Environmental Management (Activities) Order and the Environmental Law Order to the updated standards and BAT documents. Moreover, a number of minor amendments, mainly legal or technical in nature, are made to the regulations for some activities. A few of the substantive changes relate to: washing areas, pressure recording devices, internal cleaning of livestock vehicles, wind turbines and the mixing of waste.