SI Slowenien
  • C50A - Lebensmittel

Fresh beef, pig meat and poultry meat

Specification selected quality for fresh beef, pig meat and poultry meat V4

The proposed specification prescribes additional requirements for meat, meat products and meat preparations from cattle, pigs and poultry.

Additional requirements relate mainly to animal feed conditions since the minimum content of bulk fodder in meals for cattle is prescribed; a negative list of feedingstuffs, which cannot be used in the preparation of animal feed, is set; the longest route and duration of transport and health care for animals are prescribed.

The specification also prescribes the conditions for the additional designation "farm" for pigs, which requires that the products are produced on a farm which is engaged in processing and has up to three employees, the animals must be born and reared on the farm, the meat and products must be smoked in a classical way with smoke, the meat can only be desalted manually using a dry or wet process. It is not allowed to add artificial flavours, extracts, colourings, flavour enhancers, etc. in the product.

The specification refers to meat and meat products which are produced and processed within one country. The requirements of the proposed specification therefore relate to the labelling with the logo indicating the country of production and processing of the basic raw material.