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Agricultural products, foodstuffs and distilled alcoholic beverages

Food quality scheme ‘Jakość Tradycja’ [‘Quality Tradition’]

The draft contains a description of the voluntary national quality scheme for agricultural products, foodstuffs and distilled alcoholic beverages in compliance with the criteria set out in Article 16(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) No 1305/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The draft specifies the procedure of production, recognition, certification, supervision and voluntary labelling with a special label of products with distinctive features, grown or produced in a particular manner or characterised by final quality which significantly exceeds commercial commodity standards as regards animal welfare or environmental protection.

The products are manufactured with the use of natural raw materials:

- from organic farms or forests,

- from farms that follow good agricultural and breeding practices excluding GMOs in their production system,

- raw materials used in production must be fully traceable.

The products are characterised by a traditional composition, a traditional production method or traditional character. A composition, production method and character are considered traditional if a product dates back at least 50 years (two generations). Varieties and breeds considered traditional comprise those which were used before 1956 and game.

The requirements of the ‘Jakość Tradycja’ scheme have been developed by the Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Products, the scheme’s administrator. Participation in the scheme is voluntary. All entities that fulfil the requirements set out in the regulations for the ‘Jakość Tradycja’ collective trademark are entitled to participate in the scheme.