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Article 14 of Law 5/1999 of 13 April 1999 governing Gaming and Betting in La Rioja defines gaming machines as ‘manual or automatic devices which, in exchange for a payment, permit the player to merely pass the time or indulge in recreation, and in certain cases, to win a prize’, classifies them into different types and specifies their general characteristics and the administrative authorisations necessary for their installation.

The draft Order aims to regulate the technical conditions of all varieties of gaming machines for their approval and operation.

Draft Order updating the technical conditions for gaming machines, as
well as other aspects related to gaming machines in the Autonomous
Community of La Rioja.

The Order regulates the mandatory requirements applicable to each type of machine for its approval, any optional devices which can be fitted to them as well as game prices, interconnection requirements, prizes to be awarded and information to be displayed on the outside. Particularly significant is the mandatory warning on the harmful consequences of compulsive gaming.