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Rules governing the granting of the collective quality mark ‘Ristorante tipico di Abruzzo’ [traditional Abruzzo restaurant].

The draft technical rules referred to in this notification - consisting of 13 articles and two annexes - govern the granting by the Abruzzo Region, and the types of use by licensees, of the collective quality mark ‘Ristorante tipico di Abruzzo’, implementing Article 3(2) of Regional Law No 1 of 8 January 2018 laying down standards for the development and promotion of traditional restaurants of Abruzzo.

With the aims and the properties of the collective mark identified, the draft establishes the mandatory and non-mandatory requirements for its granting as well as the visual characteristics of the mark. It also describes the procedures for its granting and the system for control and management of its granting and of the mark itself, including through the formation of a Technical Committee.

The annexes to the draft contain the user manual for the mark and the application form for authorisation to use the collective mark ‘Ristorante tipico di Abruzzo’.