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This Guideline and Regulation for Highway Construction [RVS] applies to asphalt layers which are manufactured from bituminous mixtures on the basis of the performance-based approach in accordance with RVS 08.97.06 and are laid on public traffic areas. The bituminous mixtures shall be manufactured in accordance with the following European standards and national implementation documents:

ÖNORM EN 13108-1, ÖNORM B 3580-2 (Asphalt concrete)

ÖNORM EN 13108-2, ÖNORM B 3581 (Asphalt concrete for very thin layers)

ÖNORM EN 13108-5, ÖNORM B 3584-2 (Stone mastic asphalt)

ÖNORM EN 13108-6, ÖNORM B 3585 (Mastic asphalt)

ÖNORM EN 13108-7, ÖNORM B 3586-2 (Porous asphalt)

RVS 08.16.06, Technical contract conditions, bituminous base and surface courses, requirements for asphalt layers - performance-based approach

Preliminary remarks, scope, definitions, bituminous mixtures, installation of bituminous mixtures, compaction, traffic clearance, requirements, acceptance and warranty, acceptance, limit and substitute tests as well as billing, cited laws, directives, standards and literature, additional directives and standards to be observed