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Rotary-piston and velocity gas flow meters

Draft General Measure

number: 0111-OOP-C031-18

laying down the metrological and technical requirements for legally controlled measuring instruments, including test methods for type approval and verification of the following legally controlled measuring instruments:

‘rotary-piston and velocity gas flow meters’

Rotary-piston and velocity gas flow meters are placed on the market and put into use in the Czech Republic as legally controlled measuring instruments following type approval and initial verification pursuant to Act No 505/1990 on metrology, as amended. This legislation contains a national metrological regulation of type approval for measuring instruments falling outside the scope of Directive 2014/32/EU (the Measuring Instruments Directive – MID) and for verification of instruments that have already been placed on the market, either specified in the MID or Act No 505/1990 on metrology.


measurement, measuring instrument, gas, gas meter, rotary pistons, velocity