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  • S10E - Verpackungen

Packaging for juice and concentrated juice is covered by the deposit and return system

Order on deposits on and collection, etc. of packaging for certain beverages

This Order expands the existing deposit and return system to include packaging for juice and concentrated juice (§ 1, paragraph 1, nos 6 and 7). The Order also contains an expanded definition of alcopops such that it also includes beverages made from liquor and/or ethanol which are presented as beverages that consist of a mixture of liquor and a non-alcoholic beverage (§ 1, paragraph 1, no 3, third indent).

The Order is proposed to enter into force on 1 July 2019, though producers, importers, vendors, retailers etc. are given a transitional period to comply with certain parts of the Order (§ 107, paragraphs 4-7).

The draft also contains editorial changes, e.g. ‘the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’ and ‘the Agency’ have been changed to ‘the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark’ and ‘the Minister for Environment and Food of Denmark’.