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Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulations (Amendment No 2) 2011

The Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulations, 2011 requests that the Director shall have due regard for the necessary hygiene and public health requirements and biodiversity, or the results of relevant risk assessments, ensure that the use of pesticides is minimised or prohibited in certain specific areas. The publication of this amendment will ensure that the precautionary principle is applied with regards to use of pesticides in certain areas.

The Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulations (Amendment No 2) 2011 propoases the ban of hebicides in public areas in view of increasing concerns regarding the health effects of certain plant protection products (PPPs). The ban on the use of herbicides in public areas is deemed to be in line with the precautionary principle. This will limit the exposure to the general public or to vulnerable groups and thus extend protection to these groups, whilst at the same time not affecting the agricultural sector and industry.