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  • B00 - BAUWESEN

This Guideline and Regulation for Highway Construction [Richtlinien und Vorschriften für das Straßenwesen – RVS] is applicable to all concrete and reinforced concrete work. The following also apply

ÖNORM B 4710-1 Concrete – Part 1: Specification, properties, production and conformity (Rules for the implementation of ÖNORM EN 206 for normal and heavy concrete) and, in addition, ÖNORM B 4704 Execution of concrete structures - National application of ÖNORM EN 13670,

Austrian Society for Construction Technology (ÖVBB) Guideline on sprayed concrete,

Austrian Concrete Association (ÖBV) - Guideline on waterproof concrete structures - waterproof concrete basements,

Austrian Concrete Association (ÖBV) - Guideline on increased structural fire protection for underground transport construction works,

unless the specification of these guidelines and standards is otherwise stipulated below or in the tender documents.

RVS 08.06.01 Technical terms of contract, concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry work; concrete and reinforced concrete

Preliminary remarks, scope of application, requirements, testing, acceptance, established guidelines and standards