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Heat generators for domestic heating use, fired by wood fuel, charcoal and biomass fuels.

Draft Decree amending and expanding Ministerial Decree No 186 of 7 November 2017 establishing the requirements, procedures and responsibilities for the issuing of certification for heat generators powered by solid biomass fuel.

The draft Decree consists of one article and one annex (Annex A).

The Article amends the note in Table 1 of Annex 1 to Ministerial Decree No 186 of 7 November 2017 and replaces Table 2 in Annex 2 of the same Decree with the table provided in Annex A, which is an integral part of the notified Decree.

Specifically, in Annex 1, the wording for the parameter NOx has been amended, changing the note in Table 1 and using the wording NOx = nitrogen oxides (expressed as NO2)’, previously used in Legislative Decree No 152 of 2006 to avoid possible textual inconsistencies with this Legislative Decree.

With Annex A, containing ‘Table 2. Technical standards to be used when sampling, analysing and assessing emissions’, Table 2 in Annex 2 has been replaced, inserting:

a) the reference to specific technical standards for NOx and total organic carbon (TOC), even though standard UNI CEN/TS 15883, already expressly cited in Ministerial Decree No 186 of 2017, indicated the instrumental analytical techniques and the reference methods to be used;

b) the reference to the ‘Austrian/German’ method to be applied to sample the particulate matter.

The decision to use this method, commonly used to perform tests for making products available on the market, was agreed as part of the activities carried out by the working group that conducted the preliminary work for the preparation of the Ministerial Decree No 186 of 2017, with the support of industry associations in the sector also involved in the aforementioned preliminary working group.