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country of origin

Regulation of the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development amending the Regulation on labelling potato tubers other than seed potatoes

The Regulation aims to ensure the easy identification of the origin of potato tubers at every stage of their marketing and, thus, make it easier for the operators involved in the marketing of potatoes to comply with the phytosanitary requirements.

The labelling of potato tubers pursuant to EU provisions (Commission Directive 93/50/EEC) should be expanded to include information on their country of origin. Such information should be provided where potatoes are placed on the market by an operator other than the producer thereof and in the case of potatoes imported from third countries. The information related to the country of origin of potato tubers should be provided in Polish (so that it is understandable to the consumer) or in the form of a two-letter country code in line with standard ISO 3166-1: Codes of names of countries and their subdivisions — Part 1: Country codes. Indicating the country of origin of potato tubers before the producer’s or distributor’s registration number (pursuant to EU provisions) will not be required if information on the potato tubers’ country of origin is placed on the packaging thereof or on a label attached to it, in Polish or in the form of a two-letter ISO code.