AT Österreich
  • I20 - Druckgeräte, Gasverbrauchseinrichtungen und Heizkessel

Due to progressive development in the area of gas installations of specified type, there is an almost constant need for adaptation to safety concerns. It is presumed that current technical standards will be complied with where the rules of the Austrian Gas and Water Association [Österreichische Vereinigung für Gas und Wasserfach – ÖVGW], which are to be applied to gas installations of specified type, are observed.

Draft Act amending the Burgenland Gas Safety Act

This amendment is intended to modernise the Burgenland Gas Safety Act and bring it in line with current conditions. Administrative simplifications are planned by providing for longer inspection intervals while ensuring a relevant safety standard that is still justifiable. Operators of notifiable gas installations are also to fulfil their obligations in relation to their individual responsibilities on their own initiative and/or at the request of distribution companies, at the same time taking into account new developments in gas production and gas technology.

This does not affect the placing on the market of gas appliances.