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Draft regulations on the handling of explosives

The regulations address the handling of explosives in the following comprehensive areas: exemption from the licence requirement and exemption from the age limit; prohibition of certain methods of handling; assessment of risks; zoning and equipment in danger zones; registration of goods that have identification marks; knowledge requirements for the use of certain pyrotechnic articles; storage; and the manufacture of explosives. The notified regulations contain certain changes to the content of the existing (and previously notified) regulations (MSBFS 2016:3). One of the amendments now proposed is that the regulations shall no longer exempt rockets with a guide pin from the licence requirement in § 16 of the Act (2010:1011) on flammable and explosive goods. This is achieved by removing rockets with a guide pin from the list in Annex 1 to

the regulations. Such fireworks are thereby no longer covered by Chapter 2, § 6, first indent of the draft regulations, which prescribes that a licence is not needed for those who use or store explosives that are listed in Annex 1 to these administrative provisions and in accordance with the conditions specified therein.