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Off-road vehicles, motor sleds, snowmobiles

Draft Government Decrees amending the Decree on the use of vehicles on the road, amending the Government Decree on the registration of vehicles and amending the Road Traffic Decree regarding utility snowmobiles

Under the proposed decrees, utility snowmobiles would be subject to the same provisions on the use, registration number and licence plate of a vehicle as snowmobiles. Under the proposed amendment to the Road Traffic Decree, the right to drive a utility snowmobile would be designated by an additional sign installed next to the traffic sign marking a snowmobile route. A maximum authorised width of 1.7 metres would be laid down for snowmobiles and utility snowmobiles driven on snowmobile routes, whereas currently it has been 2.6 metres, which is equivalent to the maximum width of cars, for example. In other respects, the provisions on snowmobiles would apply to utility snowmobiles under the proposal. Utility snowmobiles could be driven on snowmobile routes where an additional sign has been installed next to the snowmobile route sign, signifying that utility snowmobiles are also permitted on the route.