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  • T40T - Stadtverkehr und Straßentransport

This Guideline for marking extra-wide and extra-long road vehicles applies to vehicles and vehicle combinations

> whose dimensions exceed the values permitted or

> whose length or width with or without a load exceeds the values permitted.

It replaces the previous Guideline of 10 April 2015 on marking extra-wide and extra-long road vehicles and certain projecting loads (Traffic Gazette 2015, p. 294) and is binding six months after publication.

Deviations from the provisions of this Guideline are only permitted as a result of factors relating to the load. Should it not be possible to comply with individual marking requirements, the transport vehicle must be secured at the front and/or rear by an escort vehicle.

Guideline for marking extra-wide and extra-long road vehicles, vehicle combinations and certain projecting loads

In the case of a vehicle width/vehicle with a load of more than 2.75 m length or a load projecting laterally by more than 0.2 m beyond the outer lateral limit of the vehicle, marking is required at the front and back.

If the geometric visibility of lighting devices is limited, the relevant lighting device must be reproduced. If the lighting device cannot be reproduced, marking of another form in compliance with this Guideline must be used.