ES Spanien

• Production of ordinary bread and bakery products.

• Production of pastries, confectionery and desserts.

• Production and packaging of flours (corn, wheat, etc.).

• Production and packaging of breadcrumbs.

Draft Order of the Minister for Economic Development and Competitiveness and of the Minister for Health adopting specific technical standards for adapting health and hygiene rules for businesses working with bread, pastry and flour products

OBJECTIVE: specific technical standards adapting health and hygiene rules for businesses working with bread, pastry and flour products. The technical standard shall apply to non-industrial businesses involved in making bread, pastry and flour products and which wish to benefit from the aforementioned adaptation scheme, as stipulated in Article 7 of Decree 76/2016 of 17 May 2016.

DESCRIPTION: The businesses in question are those with a small workshop where the product is produced and packaged (whether or not on a daily basis) to be sold directly to the end consumer either at a point of sale adjoining the workshop or elsewhere as specified by Decree 76/2016. For the bread-making sector, production volumes must not exceed 1 250 kg of flour a week.

For the pastry sector, the maximum number of workers in the workshop is 3.

Health and hygiene RULES are set out for the following areas:

location and access roads;

layout, design and dimensions of the businesses and premises;

internal structures of the premises;

water supply;

effluents and wastewater;



equipment and utensils;

sanitary facilities and changing rooms;

personal hygiene;

cleaning and disinfection;

pest control;

storage, handling and disposal of waste, non-edible by-products and returns;

modes of transport;

operational hygiene (products and processes);

operator training;

packaging and wrapping;

labelling and traceability;

self-monitoring system.