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  • B20 - Sicherheit

Refrigeration and air-conditioning installations

Draft Royal Decree adopting the safety regulations for refrigeration
installations and their complementary technical instructions

The draft Royal Decree consists of a preamble, one article, six additional provisions, six transitional provisions, one repealing provision and three final provisions.

The planned regulatory structure includes one set of regulations, which contains the general standards, and several sets of complementary technical instructions, which lay down the specific technical requirements deemed necessary in accordance with current technology for the safety of persons and property.

The draft contains the following complementary technical instructions:

IF-01 Terminology

IF-02 Refrigerant classes

IF-03 Refrigeration system classes

IF-04 Use of the various refrigerants

IF-05 Design, construction, materials and insulation used for refrigeration components

IF-06 Installation components

IF-07 Special machinery room, design and construction

IF-08 Overpressure protection for installations

IF-09 Trials, tests and checks prior to commissioning

IF-10 Markings and documentation

IF-11 Cold-store chambers, artificial atmosphere chambers, refrigerated processing facilities

IF-12 Electrical installations

IF-13 Minimum technical requirements for authorisation as a refrigeration business

IF-14 Periodic maintenance, checks and inspections of refrigeration installations

IF-15 Commissioning refrigeration installations

IF-16 Personal protection measures

IF-17 Handling refrigerants and reducing leaks in refrigeration installations

IF-18 Pipe identification and symbols to be used in refrigeration installation diagrams

IF-19 Refrigeration engineers: core competencies to be certified by accredited certification bodies

IF-20 Thermal installations in buildings with primary circuits in
compact equipment that uses refrigerants of groups 2 and 3 special

IF-21 List of reference UNE standards