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Instruments-in-service phase: non-automatic weighing instruments. Automatic weighing instruments. Water meters. Gas meters and volume conversion devices. Active electrical energy meters with options for reactive power measurement, time-of-use measurement and remote control. Systems for continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water. Taximeters. Dimensional measuring instruments. Instruments for measuring exhaust gas emissions from vehicles with spark-ignition engines (petrol).

Conformity assessment phase and instruments in service: gas meters and volume conversion devices for water for other uses. Instruments for measuring opacity and determining the light-absorption coefficient, as used when inspecting and maintaining motor vehicles equipped with compression-ignition engines (diesel). Temperature recorders and thermometers. Motor vehicle speed measurement instruments. Instruments used to measure alcohol concentration in exhaled breath. Sound level meters and acoustic calibrators. Manometers for checking motor vehicle tyre pressure. Instruments for measuring the sugar content in grape must, concentrated must and rectified concentrated must. Counters installed in type B and C amusement and gaming machines. Systems for measuring and monitoring the flow of people in public premises.

Draft Order regulating State metrological control of certain measuring instruments

Keywords: Metrological control. Conformity assessment phase and commissioning. Instruments-in-service phase.

This Order relates to the regulation of State metrological control of the conformity assessment phase and/or, as applicable, the metrological control phases for instruments in service for the measuring instruments set out in the Annexes and used for any of the purposes stipulated in Article 8(1) of Law 32/2014 of 22 December 2014 on metrology.

This draft Order sets out a framework text covering all measuring instruments, as previously the regulations for each instrument could differ depending on the order to which they were subject. The Order contains 18 Annexes setting forth specific aspects of State metrological control of instruments in service, specifically checks following repairs and modifications as well as periodic checks. In addition to Annexes X to XVIII, regulations are also laid down for the initial conformity assessment phase, during which instruments are checked for their compliance with the statutory requirements for their first use (applicable only to non-harmonised instruments).