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Spring Traps

The Spring Traps Approval (Northern Ireland) Order 2018

Under Article 12A of the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 it is an offence to use or permit the use of, for the purpose of killing or taking animals, any spring trap unless specified ```by an order of the Department.

This Order revokes and replaces the Spring Traps Approval Order 2012(S.R. 2012/25) which approves the list of the makes and models of spring traps that are authorised for use in Northern Ireland.

This Order adds ten types of spring trap to those approved for use in Northern Ireland and adds to the target species against which one/two of the traps previously approved may be used i.e. the BMI Magnum 55 may now also be used for grey squirrel.

This Order also removes eight types of approved spring trap which have been out of production for some time and are seldom used to trap any permitted target species.

It also removes stoat as a permitted target species for 9 approved traps which do not meet the required humaneness standards set out in the Agreement for International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS). However, we have agreed with stakeholders to delay this removal (as permitted under the Agreement) until 1 April 2020 to give the sector sufficient time to manufacture, supply and deploy new compliant stoat traps.

The 2012 Order was notified and cleared in 2011 (reference Notification: 2011/0443/UK)