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  • 43 - Kraftfahrzeugtechnik
  • 70 - Glas und Glaswaren

Safety glass for motor vehicles (ICS: 43.040.60, HS: 70.07) . Safety glass for motor vehicles includes zone-toughened glass, uniformly toughened glass, laminated glass, glass-plastics and organic glass installed in a vehicle of any description, propelled by means of mechanism contained within itself and constructed or adapted so as to be capable of being used on roads, and includes a trailer.

Trade Description (Marking of Safety Glass For Motor Vehicles) Order 2017 (3 pages, in English)

draft order states that safety glass for motor vehicles that are sold
or supplied in Malaysia must conform to the prescribed safety standards
and bear the mark as specified in the Second Schedule of the Order.

The safety standards prescribed under this order are:

•  Malaysian Standard MS 595 – Specification for Safety Glass for Motor Vehicles : Part 1 : General Requirements (Second Revision) and Part 2: Methods of Test (Second Revision); or

•  United Nation Economic Commission for Europe UNECE Regulation 43 – Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Safety Glazing Materials and Their Installation on Vehicles.

For the purpose of this trade description, the order shall not apply to:

a)  safety glass for motor vehicles used for test sampling; and

b)  safety glass for motor vehicles manufactured or imported before the date of entry into force