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Windshield washer fluid for automobiles

A draft revision for Self-Regulatory Safety Confirmation criteria for Windshield washer fluid for automobiles (54 pages, in Korean)

A draft revision for Safety Certification Criteria for Windshield Washer Fluid for Automobiles Notice has been revised as follows:

•  Safety requirements for windshield washer fluid for automobile has been revised as follows

•  Ethanol should be the major ingredient for windshield washer fluid for automobile (No methanol)

•  Any ingredient with a minimum of 1 percent should be labelled

•  The relevant documents (ingredients and the product formula) has been filed at Certification body

For consumer products subject to the self-regulatory safety confirmation, manufacturers or importers are required to confirm safety by reporting to safety certification body with attachment of test and inspection body certificates from testing laboratories and inspection bodies designated by models of the products before product release or clearance through the customs to identify whether they conform to the safety criteria.